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Scalability is one of the key evaluation criteria of computing systems. In particular, scalability is essential in HPC systems. High scalability represents a kind of elasticity, which can guarantee high throughput, small delay and high performance. Additionally, with the need to process data deluge and to solve difficult or large scale problems, new architectures like computing accelerator, e.g., GPU and MIC have appeared. Improvements to these architectures are still needed in order to use them in large scale heterogeneous systems. Similarly, new parallel algorithms, softwares, and tools are needed to improve scalability.

The 22nd IEEE International Conference on Scalable Computing and Communications (ScalCom 2022) will provide a forum for researchers to present their original work on scalable parallel and distributed computing. This conference will also offer a unique opportunity to exchange ideas at the highest technical level related to communication networks, performance analysis and distributed applications with particular emphasis on scalability. ScalCom 2022 is the next edition of the successful series, previously held as ScalCom 2021 Atlanta USA, ScalCom 2020 Melbourne Australia, ScalCom 2019 Leicester UK, ScalCom 2018 Gangzhou China, ScalCom 2017 San Francisco, ScalCom 2016 Toulouse France, ScalCom 2015 Beijing China, ScalCom 2014 Bali Indonesia, ScalCom 2013 Chengdu China, ScalCom 2012 Changzhou China, ScalCom 2011 Paphos Cyprus, ScalCom 2010 Bradford UK, and ScalCom 2009 Dalian China.


  • Cloud and Fog Computing
    • X as a Service
    • Performance and dependability in Cloud
    • Cloud programming models and tools
    • Fog computing algorithms design
    • Cloud infrastructure management
    • Deploying large-scale analytics
    • Performance and scalability for Fog
    • Tools for Cloud and Fog
  • Scalability Rethinking
    • Parallel programming models
    • Heterogeneous platforms with GPU and FPGA
    • Peta-scale and exa-scale workloads
    • High-throughput computing
    • Fault-tolerance in large scale applications
    • Near-data processing and data-centric processing
    • Integrated approach for scalability optimization
  • Modelling and Simulations
    • Data analytics tools for extreme big data
    • Distributed architecture models
    • Parallel programming tools
    • Tools for machine learning and deep learning
    • Convergence of communication and computing
    • Distributed database technology
    • Scalable applications deployment
    • Distributed robotics modelling
  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger
    • Distributed consensus and fault tolerance
    • Performance and scalability Issues
    • Blockchain in cyber physical systems
    • Blockchain in edge and cloud computing
    • Blockchain-based applications and services
    • Distributed database technology
    • Scalability issues in Blockchain

Co-located Five Conferences

•   19th IEEE International Conference on Autonomous and Trusted Vehicles (ATC 2022)
•   19th IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC 2022)
•   2022 IEEE International Conference on Digital Twin (DigitalTwin 2022)
•   2022 IEEE International Conference on Metaverse (Metaverse 2022)
•   2022 IEEE International Conference on Privacy Computing (PriComp 2022)


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